The History

Art Piece 1

Art Piece 1 - Greubel Forsey
Art Piece 1 - Greubel Forsey
Art Piece 1 - Greubel Forsey

Art Piece 1

22 pieces (2013-2021) | White gold

Art Piece 1, a co-creation by Greubel Forsey in collaboration with the artist Willard Wigan, features a micro-sculpture housed in its own space within the timepiece. This work contains a reduced optical system embedded in the bezel allowing one to appreciate the micro-sculpture.

Initially, Willard Wigan thought that high-end watchmaking belonged to another universe, far too removed from his artistic field. However, upon visiting the Greubel Forsey Atelier, he was able to immerse himself in the philosophy and spirit that inhabits the place. Greubel Forsey's means of expression, the pursuit of excellence and perfection, resonated with his own artistic sensitivity.

Greubel Forsey and Willard Wigan entered each other's world. Their shared desire to surpass limits and explore new horizons led to the creation of this work of art, uniting their know-how and respective skills. Both rise to the technical and artistic challenges such a project involves.

Greubel Forsey has created a timepiece with an integrated miniature microscope. Despite its size, this optical‐grade instrument offers 23‐fold magnification –a significant technical challenge in itself. The only way to appreciate Willard Wigan’s sculpture will be with the eye close to the miniature lens.

Invention - Greubel Forsey


Double Tourbillon 30˚

Inside a cage which rotates in four minutes, the interior cage containing the balance and spring assembly is inclined at an angle of 30˚ relative to the first cage and completes a revolution in sixty seconds. The combination of the 30˚ inclination with the different rotational speeds of the two tourbillons improves timekeeping by averaging out positional errors due to gravity in all usual wristwatch positions and especially in stable positions.

Art Piece 1 - Greubel Forsey

Art Piece 1

A timepiece is capable of embodying the quintessence of an idea and appearing first and foremost as a means of artistic expression. The Art of Invention: this expression testifies to a forward-looking philosophy that has long been a driving force for Greubel Forsey, both in the field of scientific research as applied to fine watchmaking, and in that of aesthetic innovation. This art of invention is particularly present when it comes to the stunning Art Piece line.

  • Case material White gold
  • Limitation 22 pieces (2013-2021)
  • Chronometric power reserve 72 hours
  • Case diameter 44 mm
  • Water resistance 3 ATM - 30 m - 100 ft
  • Number of parts 445
  • Frequency 21,600 vibrations/hour
  • Height (incl. crystal) 16.78 mm

The History

greubel forsey history 2004 double tourbillon 30 01 - Greubel Forsey
Double Tourbillon 30˚
greubel forsey history 2007 tourbillon 24 secondes 01 - Greubel Forsey
Tourbillon 24 Secondes
greubel forsey history 2008 invention piece 1 01 - Greubel Forsey
Invention Piece 1
greubel forsey history 2008 quadruple tourbillon 01 - Greubel Forsey
Quadruple Tourbillon
greubel forsey history 2009 invention piece 3 01 - Greubel Forsey
Invention Piece 3
greubel forsey history 2009 double tourbillon 30 technique 01 - Greubel Forsey
Double Tourbillon 30˚ Technique
greubel forsey history 2011 invention piece 2 01 - Greubel Forsey
Invention Piece 2
greubel forsey history 2012 quadruple tourbillon secret 01 - Greubel Forsey
Quadruple Tourbillon Secret
greubel forsey history 2012 tourbillon 24 secondes contemporain 01 - Greubel Forsey
Tourbillon 24 Secondes Contemporain
greubel forsey history 2013 double balancier 35 01 - Greubel Forsey
Double Balancier 35˚
greubel forsey history 2013 double tourbillon 30 asymetrique 01 - Greubel Forsey
Double Tourbillon 30˚ Asymétrique
greubel forsey history 2015 tourbillon 24 secondes vision 03 - Greubel Forsey
Tourbillon 24 Secondes Vision
greubel forsey history 2016 double balancier 01 - Greubel Forsey
Double Balancier
greubel forsey history 2018 differentiel egalite 03 - Greubel Forsey
Différentiel d'Égalité
greubel forsey history 2019 art piece edition historique 01 - Greubel Forsey
Art Piece Édition Historique
greubel forsey history 2019 gmt quadruple tourbillon 01 - Greubel Forsey
GMT Quadruple Tourbillon
greubel forsey collection gmt balancier convexe - Greubel Forsey


Each timepiece is designed with great attention to detail and quality, in order to offer a unique experience to every fine watchmaking enthusiast. As you explore our collection, you will discover our most iconic pieces as well as our newest collections, which combine contemporary design with innovative features.

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